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Rescued from a farmers field in Devon via ebay, Foam Flyer has made the journey to Sussex where she will be cared for by new owners Ben Yates and Tim Hardwicke.
Originally built in the late 1960's, Foam Flyer was designed by Allen McLachlan, famous for his design of the Ragged Chine hulls perfected for the then Arun class lifeboats.
This website will provide regular updates of her progress to get her back on the water. If you have any further info we would love to hear from you.

What beautiful lines

You have to be dedicated, passionate and slightly barking mad to take on the restoration of a classic wooden boat like this.

They take lots longer than planned, cost much more than you think and fight you all the way.

Also keep the project away from home so the wife does not know what you are up to.

But look at the lines……that is what keeps you going.


The new transom has been templated and install. Technically she can now float, that is a big milestone for us.

Backwards before going forwards

We have now made a major turning point in the restoration. The Hull is now sound, rot free and very strong. Once the transom is in we will be ready to put back the coachroof etc. Exciting stuff but still a long way to go…

The Big Move Pt.2

Foam Flyer arrives at her new winter home ready for further restoration by Dan & Mike @ Gohl Marine.

The Big Move Pt.1

Now we have a trailer we decided to move Foam Flyer from her tent to a more substantial barn for the winter.

New Trailer for Foam Flyer

Thanks to Mike James we now have a new trailer for Foam Flyer
(Previously Thunderbolts Trailer – The 1961 Cowes Torquay Winner)

July – All rot removed and putting back together.

The rot to the hull has now been removed and new wood is being grafted in to match.

June 2011 – back to basics…

Top sides removed and back to the hull ready for checking integrity and replacing wood where rotten.

May 2011 – The refurbishment starts

The refurbishment has started with the assistance and guidance of Dan and Mike at Gohl Marine.

January 2011 – Black Rock Graphics on Board…

Black Rock Graphics have offered both financial and physical help in the journey to restore Foam Flyer, much need help in this busy period.

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